Are the Television and Broadcasting Fees included?

If you have any questions regarding TV or broadcasting fees or GEZ you are in the right place.

Generally we do not provide a TV Tuner (cable or satellite) in our apartments. Nonetheless you have the possibility of receiving a television signal in your room via a DVB-T Antenna. These are available from many electronics stores.

The broadcasting fee is not a part of the service fees of your flat. As a tenant of an apartment you are obliged by law to report for the broadcasting fees by yourself. However, as you are sharing your flat and the fee needs only to be paid once per flat, you are in the good position of being able to share the costs. Please talk to your flatmates directly about any arrangements they have made in this regard.

You can register your flat under the following link:

In certain cases it is possible to be exempted from the fees. You can find out more at the following website: