Have Debeo GmbH emailed you?

Did you receive an email from Debeo?

Sometimes it is possible that a tenant is not able to pay his rent even after a reminder. In order to ensure that no losses arise from the outstanding rents, we transfer these (after reminding the defaulting tenants) to Allianz-Versicherungs AG.

After the assignment of claims to Allianz-Versicherungs AG, defaulting tenants generally receive an email from Debeo GmbH, to inform them about the situation.

For a limited period, you can still transfer your rent to Medici Living  and we let Allianz-Versicherungs AG know that the open rent has been settled. Once the payment is closed with the label ‘Encashment’ in your Medici Living account, you will have to deal directly with Allianz-Versicherungs AG.

Debeo GmbH helps Allianz to collect all outstanding receivables, taking into account the respective circumstances of the tenant. For example, a tenant, who cannot pay his rent at once, can arrange individual payment options directly with Debeo GmbH, which simplifies repayment of the open amount.

More information on debeo GmbH can be found at: http://www.debeo.com/ or by e-mail at info-mav@debeo.com .

If you think that there has been a mistake with your account, please inform us using the contact form at the bottom of this page and our team will be happy to investigate for you.